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Gardaland Park is the Number 1 Amusement Park in Italy, the one with the longest history and one of the most important ones at a European Level. The great variety of attractions and shows is able to satisfy everyone: from groups of teenagers to families.

Natura viva


an amazing walk through 5 continents to discover animals from all over the world. You can visit Safaripark with yourown vehicle( car, capers or busses) just like an exciting African safari.



it's a WaterPark spread over 100.000 mq, where you can find waterslide, adventurous attractons , beaches,restourant and shops, for your family and friends. Experience all the fun and flavor of the Caribbean Island!

Parco Sigurtà


is a spectacular oasis of green over an area of 600.00 mq, situated a stone's throw from Lake Garda. The Garden won the highly prestigious " Italy's Most beautiful Park ".

Rimbalzello Adventure


you can find different routes that both kids and adluts can take. Wheteher you want a dose of adrenalin or adventure these park is the right placeto spend an extraordinary day.

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