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Horse Riding


For many years the "Scuderia Castello" has been one of the first riding school facilities for high quality horse trekking on Lake Garda. Thanks to the variety of treks, day rides and trail rides, all fully supervised and on well trained horses, exploring the mountainous region of the Alto Garda Park can be an exciting experience.

MTB - trekking


There are many different routes, for those who enjoy a quiet cycle and for those who enjoy the challenge of biking on the mountains. And it's all set in breathtaking scenery!

From the shores of the Lake to the top of the mountain, there are an infinite number of paths and walks of different length and difficulty, suitable for all age and fitness levels.



In Bogliaco, just 5 km from Toscolano, you can find the "Bogliaco Resort", for have fun together surrounded by greenery.



To who wants to "walk" in the clouds, admiring from a privileged position in the mountains and the waters of the largest Italian lake, the tourist flight on tandem paragliding will give unique emotions.



The valuable fish species in the lake and in the rivers of the interior valleys of the park, attract many fishermen. The quality of water and the landscape give additional value to a sport ancient and elegant as that of fishing.



Le condizioni ottimali di vento che caratterizzano il lago di Garda sono ben conosciute da tutti. Non a caso infatti le nostre acque ospitano prestigiose competizioni veliche di rilevanza internazionale come la regata della Centomiglia. Presso il circolo Vela di Toscolano Maderno si svolgono attvità rivolte a tutti : adulti o bambini, principianti ed esperti, e per tutti gli sportivi  che vogliono sfidare le onde.



The fans of tennis, not far from the campsite can find "The association Tennis Toscolano Maderno" , where spend time practicing a sport that will help you to relax and have fun.



The deep waters of the lake represent an area of great interest for diving, thanks to the conditions of high water transparency that facilitate the fishing and the observation of numerous fish species. Immerse yourself in the waters of Lake Garda is an activity that also offers the opportunity to visit some interesting wrecks.

Kitesurf - Windsurf


For all lovers of kite surfing and windsurfing, the Lake Garda is perfect for get carried by the wind and fly over the waves surrounded by a charming landscape.



From a few years this sport has become the trend, also thanks to the ease of learning, which makes it suitable for everyone. It consists in stand up on a surfboard, and move with an oar, remaining in balance.



On board the canoe or kayak, each rower can have fun in the sight of great scenery.



Throughout the territory are well visible rocky walls, which extend from a few meters up to several hundred. On these rocks, in places specially equipped, the game of climbing and the vertical size of the park can become a rich experience of satisfaction to everyone.

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